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Why you should book a consultation with a real estate sooner than you think

So you're thinking about buying or selling a property but you're apprehensive about booking an initial consultation with a real estate agent? Maybe you think it's too soon to speak to someone as you've only just started to think about moving........ Think again! Buying a house is an overwhelming process especially for first time buyers but it doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. As...

The Housing market has changed – How to deal with the anxiety of a turbulent market, should you be worried?

After a two-year housing boom caused mainly by record low borrowing costs, the Los Angeles real estate market is now cooling down. There has been a decrease in house purchases and an increase in the number of homes for sale.  Bidding wars have become less prevalent as a result of fewer buyers and more inventory but though buyers may have an easier time, the housing market is still an...

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Beverly Hills – The Flats Vs. The Hills, which neighbourhood is best for you?

Beverly Hills is a neighbourhood famed for being home to some of the world's wealthiest families and countless A-List celebrities. With architecturally spectacular residences, exceptional views and a prime location within the city of Los Angeles it's one of Southern California's most sought-after property hotspots.When it comes to buying in this affluent area do you choose The Flats or The Hills? The...

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