Why you should book a consultation with a real estate sooner than you think

  • 2 years ago
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So you’re thinking about buying or selling a property but you’re apprehensive about booking an initial consultation with a real estate agent? Maybe you think it’s too soon to speak to someone as you’ve only just started to think about moving……..

Think again! Buying a house is an overwhelming process especially for first time buyers but it doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. As with most things in life, knowledge is power and this is especially the case when it comes to a smooth sailing property purchase.

Though the biggest objection to booking a consultation is feeling like it’s too early in the process, understanding that preparation is key is why there is no such thing as ‘too soon’ when it comes to meeting with your preferred realtor. 

Speaking to a qualified and experienced agent before you even begin your property search allows you to formulate a plan of action as well as managing your expectations on what you are able to afford.

Your realtor is not only a property expert but also a location specialist, so as well as searching for your perfect home they will be able to aid you when it comes to finding that all important location, location, location.

Even if you aren’t aggressively looking, the best realtors will already have a roster of clients so it’s important to formulate a great relationship with them so that you are fresh in each other’s minds when new homes come on to the market.  

Licensed real estate agents have access to a system called MLS which shows the most up-to-date listings, properties are listed on there well before public online search platforms. You’ll want your realtor to know what to look out for and get first dibs on anything new.

Building a relationship with your realtor as early on as possible will save you so much time in the long run. Once you’re on the same page about your desires and requirements, they can even start viewing properties on your behalf. This way you’re only spending your valuable time seriously looking at options that are pre-vetted and suitable. 

When you decide to move the process is going to be super quick (the average contract is just 30 days!) so the more prepared you are going into the process, the smoother the entire process will be.

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