Beverly Hills – The Flats Vs. The Hills, which neighbourhood is best for you?

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Beverly Hills is a neighbourhood famed for being home to some of the world’s wealthiest families and countless A-List celebrities. With architecturally spectacular residences, exceptional views and a prime location within the city of Los Angeles it’s one of Southern California’s most sought-after property hotspots.

When it comes to buying in this affluent area do you choose The Flats or The Hills?

The Flats

The area known as the flats of Beverly Hills sits at the base of the Hollywood hills within the Santa Monica Mountain range. It’s close to all the amenities you could need with LA’s Golden Triangle of shops, cafes, restaurants and parks nearby but forget dealing with winding canyon roads and switch backs, to run your daily errands you needn’t even turn on your car engine as this popular neighbourhood is entirely walkable. The neighbourhood is also extremely picturesque and aesthetically pleasing for a stroll or cycle with its palm tree-lined streets and dedicated bike paths, everything is so accessible, you can walk the whole of downtown within 30 minutes.

With everything in such close proximity there’s a real community feel, here you’ll see people interacting with each other whilst walking their dogs or chatting with their postman, it has much more of a small-town style of neighbourly warmth.

When it comes to the purchasable properties, The Flats of Beverly Hills is the wide variety of architecture, from mid-century modern, Spanish, colonial to new construction and the list goes on and on, it’s down to you which style takes your fancy!

The Hills

When it comes to the star-studded neighbourhood of Beverly Hills, the most desirable and unique advantage is having an incredible view. Built, as the name suggests, on varying elevations of the mountainous range, homeowners can enjoy stunning views from those of the city to the canyons and hillside, even ocean views from the higher points.
These stunning front and back yard scenes may come at a price but if you have the money to spend, a huge advantage of buying in Beverly Hills is having the option to acquire a large lot size. Though not all your square footage may be suitable for building upon, the more you buy, the less obstructed your view will be. You can literally buy yourself a private paradise within the city of Los Angeles.
Privacy is another major draw to the neighbourhood. The hills themselves are designed in a way that there is little through-traffic as most streets are narrow one-way roads that lead to residential properties, there are also gated areas with 24/7 security should home-owners want to take it up a notch.  

The neighbourhood is a residential Oasis, you feel like you are a world away from the city that is just a short drive away!

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